WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/10/17

07.10.17 10 months ago 922 Comments

Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Brock Lesnar is still the Universal Champion, but does Roman Reigns deserve the right to challenge him following the hellacious events surrounding his Ambulance Match loss to Braun Strowman? WWE.com previews tonight’s Raw and the fallout from the first-ever WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Roman Reigns tried to murder someone last night on live TV! If Raw doesn’t begin with an entire goddamn SWAT team (regular, not Samoan, please) dragging a zip-tied Roman from the building, then what the hell is the point of anything anymore? However, given the official Raw preview asks the question, “Does Reigns deserve a Universal Championship match?” expect this whole thing to be glossed over.

2. The victim in question, Braun Strowman, wandered off into the wilderness last night following his attempted vehicular homicide, presumably to join up with the rest of the roaming Beefsquatch pack who are helping nurse him back to health with various dried, cured meats. Will he be on Raw tonight? And if so, will he still be wearing his bloody ring gear? All signs point to “maybe” and “oh man, I hope so.”

3. Brock Lesnar retained the Universal Championship against Samoa Joe last night, which means … <adjusts glasses> We will now have six more weeks of winter until we see the champ appears again? I gotta get this prescription checked.

4. Goldust and R-Truth are still waiting for their blowoff match. Sources tell me Goldust is currently sitting backstage listening to Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” on Spotify with his fingers crossed. (Sources also tell me R-Truth meant to do the same, but the only song on his Zune was dogs barking “Jingle Bells,” so he’s making do.)

5. Big “Ass” Cass scored a victory over his former best friend Enzo Amore at #WWEBalls last night. Expect a rematch. And then another. And then another. And then another …

As always, we’re including 10 of the best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw report. Reply to your favorites with a +1 to nominate them for consideration, and share the open thread around so we can get some fresh voices and jokes in here. Enjoy the show!

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