WWE Raw Open Thread 2/6/12: Nobody Type, Let’s Just Look At The Sign For Two Hours

Tonight, the fallout from the fallout continues on the road we’ve already started traveling toward Wrestlemania (I don’t know how they classify this) continues! Last week saw a ton of great wrestling, the return of the Undertaker to challenge Triple H for a three-peat at Wrestlemania and the firing (?) of Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Raw and Dynamic Dude and Awesome Person John Laurinaitis. What’s on tap for tonight? We can only guarantee two things:

1. a Funkasaurus

2. almost 40 seconds of him

– This week’s poll:

– Secondary poll question: The Elimination pay-per-view Elimination Chamber will necessitate another time-sensitive old show report, but there haven’t been a lot of Eliminations Chamber, so here’s my question: should I review an Elimination Chamber pay-per-view of recent yore, an old Wrestlemania, or maybe an old February PPV like No Way Out? There’s the really good one with Eddie Guerrero and Lesnar, but it has the Bashams on it.

– As always, your comments and shares are awesome and appreciated. We’re building a great little community of people who like wrestling but aren’t total sociopathic a-holes here, and you’re more or less giving me a reason to keep watching. I love that about you.

– Remember, my ten favorite comments from tonight’s open thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst report. Keep ’em coming.

– p.s. what did you think of the Super Bowl? Did the halftime show remind you of Wrestlemania 9? Discuss.