WWE Raw Results 2/17/14

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If you’d like to know what happened on tonight’s WWE Raw but don’t want to read star ratings and wordy paragraphs to decipher it, With Leather is here for you. Here’s what happened on the February 17, 2014.

WWE Raw Results:

– The show began with an in-ring confrontation between the six Elimination Chamber competitors, setting up a series of matches for the night.

1. Daniel Bryan defeated Christian. Christian attacked Bryan’s shoulder, but Bryan was able to reverse a Killswitch into a roll-up for the pinfall victory. After the match, Kane announced that Bryan had another match right now … against Kane.

2. Daniel Bryan defeated Kane. Bryan won by disqualification when Kane stretched Bryan against the ringpost and wouldn’t release the hold. Kane continued the attack on Bryan after the match.

3. Fandango defeated Santino Marella. Fandango won with a Falcon Arrow after Santino was distracted by flirting from Emma.

4. Roman Reigns defeated Mark Henry. Reigns pinned Henry with a spear. After the match, Dean Ambrose attacked Henry, drawing confused looks from The Shield. That led to a confrontation with the Wyatt Family, which once again didn’t come to blows.

5. Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston. Swagger defeated Kingston by submission with the Patriot Lock.

6. Big E defeated Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Big E won the handicap match after a Big Ending on McIntyre. Zeb Colter taunted Big E from ringside for the entirety of the match.

7. John Cena defeated Cesaro. Much like how Big E Langston is now just “Big E,” Antonio Cesaro is just “Cesaro” now. Cena won with an Attitude Adjustment.

8. The Wyatt Family defeated Los Matadores and Sin Cara. Bray Wyatt got the win for his team with a Sister Abigail on Sin Cara.

9. Sheamus defeated Randy Orton. Sheamus won by disqualification when The Shield attacked. That brought out Cena, Bryan, Christian and Cesaro. The Wyatt Family attacked, and the show went off the air with everyone brawling.

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