WWE Smackdown – The Great American Bash Open Discussion Thread

Sorry, not that one.

WWE Smackdown is airing a live special tonight, and by request I’ve decided to set up an open discussion thread so we can laugh about it/share our thoughts on Katy Perry: The Pepsi: The Movie. Tonight’s hype blurb:

Every time SmackDown goes live, it comes with its share of surprises – just picture Mick Foley’s holiday celebration or the many WWE Legends who showed up for the recent SuperSmackDown LIVE: Blast from the Past. Couple this with the fact it’s The Great American Bash – appearing on Syfy for the first-time-ever – and that this particular show falls on the day before Independence Day and the fireworks are sure to fly.

Lest the WWE Universe forget that it was on that very holiday when future WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Hulk Hogan once teamed up to win the illustrious World Tag Team Titles. What could be the next monumental happening to come out of this earth-shattering television event? Who might show up to be part of it? There is already the mega announcement of The Great American Bash 20-Man Battle Royal main event – featuring a stunning list of Superstars including WWE Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and Big Show and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. (via

If you’re looking for the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, you can either scroll down the page slightly or read that here.

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So yeah, have at it. It’s time to talk greatness, America, and bashing.

Pre-discussion questions:

1. Who’s winning the battle royale? Who do I have to blow to have Derrick Bateman win? He loves America more than anybody!

2. The over/under on Teddy Long tag matches is set at 2. Over or under? Remember that Raw had at least 70.

3. What’s your favorite Great American Bash-related match or memory?