WWE UK Super Smackdown Live Open Discussion Thread: Hey, It’s Tuesday!

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.06.12 297 Comments

This is not how you want to look after running into Randy Orton backstage.

Well, this is weird. It’s Tuesday, and Smackdown will be live, so … live thread? Anybody? Let’s try it out. Maybe we can get these going on Fridays, what do you think?

WWE makes history yet again, as SuperSmackDown LIVE comes to the UK for the very first time! WWE.com explores five things to keep an eye on tonight at 8/7 CT on Syfy, including a monumental Falls Count Anywhere Match between The Viper Randy Orton and the cunning Alberto Del Rio. (via WWE.com)

1. The Randy Orton/Alberto Del Rio Falls Count Anywhere Match will just be both men collecting buffets of food and dumping trays of beans and hummus on Ricardo Rodriguez for no reason.

2. Smackdown – dubbed-in crowd noise = a really great episode of Raw.

3. Live equation: Smackdown – dubbed-in crowd noise + John Cena + other Raw guys who aren’t usually on Smackdown but are tonight, because it’s live = another episode of Raw.

4. Vickie Guerrero will have more incriminating footage of John Cena and AJ. Tonight: they were spotted by one of AJ’s classmates hanging out at Breadstix!

5. If Antonio Cesaro loses to R-Truth, we riot.

I don’t really have a Best Of Smackdown column planned, but feel free to show love to each others’ funny jokes and observations with the trusty +1. And don’t forget to read this week’s Raw report, which is just below this one on the With Leather main page.

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