WWE’s Emma Missed Raw Because She Was Being Arrested For Shoplifting At Walmart

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07.01.14 85 Comments
Emma WWE arrested larceny

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Watch your bag, Santino.

Sounds pretty emma-barrassing.

If you watched last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw, you saw Santino Marella and Adam Rose awkwardly shill Twisted Tea from a phony “backyard barbecue” set. The joke was that nobody came to Santino’s barbecue, not even Emma, his on-screen girlfriend. The real life joke is that Emma wasn’t at Santino’s barbecue because she was busy being arrested for sixth-degree larceny. WHOOPS.

The rumor going around is that Emma, real name Tenille Dashwood, was arrested and taken into custody for trying to shoplift an iPod case from a Hartford, Connecticut, Walmart. That hasn’t been confirmed yet, but what CAN be confirmed is that it is super sad to be a lady with a national TV job and still be trying to yank cheap products from America’s least expensive store.

Here’s a copy of the police record from the Hartford.gov website. I hope her excuse was, “when I put a snake puppet on my arm it becomes a living creature.”

I hope the followup to this is Adam Rose telling Hartford police to “be a rosebud” and getting tased within an inch of his life.

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