Move Over, Everyone Else: ‘X Factor’ Fans Really Loathe The St. Louis Cardinals

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10.18.12 20 Comments

Here’s what I know from my very limited knowledge and actual viewing history of Fox’s hit show, The X Factor:

It is a glorified episode of MTV’s Cribs, in that they spend more time gawking at the celebrity judges’ homes than they do making children cry.
It employs Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, who have both long since taken dips in the batsh*t crazy pool.
It allows Simon Cowell to become even wealthier than he already is by manipulating the celebrity worship of America’s zombie-like youth.

That’s it, the extent of my knowledge of the show in a nutshell. Oh, and now I also know that the show is on hiatus thanks to the Major League Baseball postseason, and holy hell does that have the show’s fans in a poorly-spelled uproar. Last night was the best example of this, as the rain delay during Game 3 of the NLCS in St. Louis lasted longer than the actual game, and someone in Fox’s programming department decided to air the Top 16 reveal for The X Factor.
And then, even before the rain stopped, things went delightfully haywire.

So at 8pm on Wednesday, confused fans tuned in and saw a rerun of “Ben & Kate,” not “The X Factor” as advertised–because Fox’s telecast of the NCLS baseball game had been stopped at the bottom of the seventh inning due to rain, and the network was therefore in a holding pattern. But then, at about 8:40pm, “The X Factor” finally did begin, and the crisis seemed averted. Britney Spears announced her final four team members, followed by L.A. Reid’s picks for the Over-25’s, and then Demi Lovato began making her choices for the Young Adults. And then there was a commercial break, preceded by a teaser showing fan favorite Jillian Jensen, who had yet to learn her fate, sobbing uncontrollably. It was hard to tell if Jillian was crying out of joy or sorrow, and so viewers waited with baited breath to learn what had become of Jillian and the rest of Demi’s contestants.
And then Fox came back from the break…and started airing “The Mindy Project,” with no explanation. And then Fox switched back to the baseball game. And then came the announcement that the rest of the “X Factor” episode would not be shown, and that the full episode would instead air NEXT Tuesday. (Via Yahoo!)

Simon Cowell even chimed in on Twitter to let everyone know that he had no clue what happened.
And that fan favorite, Jillian Jensen, had a Twitter meltdown that turned into an avalanche. So I grabbed some of my favorite fan reactions and combined them with some of the sexiest pictures of Britney Spears I’ve ever seen. Enjoy.

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