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Xavier point guard Drew Lavender (French for "the vender") was arrested and charged with drunken disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana this past weekend, possibly prohibiting his planned participation in a pro camp starting tomorrow and lasting through the weekend.

Cincinnati police say Lavender, a senior who helped lead the Musketeers to the NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight, was drunk at an intersection in the 2700 block of Vine Street in Corryville when they told him to get out of the street several times and he refused.

When police arrested him, they also found marijuana on him. Lavender was "highly intoxicated," police documents note. […]

Previous incidents with the law include a familiar-sounding arrest for public intoxication and marijuana possession (charges later dropped), and a disorderly conduct charge last summer when "he was accused of entering an Over-the-Rhine nightclub at 1130 Main St. and saying, "(Expletive) this white club.'"

I am SO bummed the James Dolan hired Donnie Walsh.  This kid would've fit in perfectly on the Knicks. 

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