XFL Draft Results: Cardale Jones Headlines The 2020 Draft Class

The XFL will return in 2020, but before the league’s second inaugural season can begin, they need players to fill out their rosters. As such, the league held its draft process on Tuesday in a day-long extravaganza that saw all eight teams draft 71 players to their roster. The draft is currently ongoing and for those interested in following along, you can watch on the stream linked in the tweet below.

It all started with the quarterback “assignments,” headlined by former Ohio State QB Cardale Jones being sent to D.C., ex-Georgia QB Aaron Murray returning home to Tampa, and former Oklahoma QB Landry Jones heading to Dallas to reunite with Bob Stoops.

From there, the skill player portion of the draft began, with another QB going off the board early in Connor Cook and a number of guys that college football fans will remember finding new professional homes — the third round, in particular, featured a bunch of “oh yeah, that guy” picks.

The offensive lines were next, as they filled out their two-deep up front.

Phase 3 of the all-day draft took them to the defensive front.

You can find the full, live results of the draft here.

The “entire team being drafted” scenario is pretty fascinating to watch play out, especially with them breaking it into position groups to allow teams to organize their thoughts and work through their boards by group.