What Could A New XFL Possibly Look Like?

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Is Vince McMahon rebooting the XFL? The rumors are flying after word came down that McMahon is funding a new venture, Alpha Entertainment. It’s the latest move in what has been a big month for WWE, which unveiled a new tournament exclusively for Facebook and an announcement about WWE Studios preparing to ramp up digital and television production.

Sure, it’s a little surprising that there are rumors about the return of the XFL. But despite this, it should come as no surprise that we’ve got some ideas of what a new and improved XFL should strive to do in the event it is indeed coming back.

Better Player Protection

The new XFL could make waves right off the bat by proclaiming they are trying to do the opposite of what they did in 1999. The league took pride in being more physical and violent than the NFL, which has been under a microscope for concerns over player safety like those problematic Thursday night games in recent years.

Could the new XFL have more rest between games? Could it try to place a new emphasis on player safety? As strange as it sounds, pushing one game every 10 days might be a great way to grab people who are falling out of love with the NFL with every passing injury.

Teams in New Markets

While it’s important to throw teams in the mega-markets like New York and Los Angeles, the new XFL should have some fun with attempts at being the squad to cheer on in some smaller markets. The Mexico City Aztecs, the Austin Bats, the Hartford Whalers (which, potential trademark issues aside, would own).

There’s also cities with only one team that has room for another. Could an XFL squad work in Portland? San Antonio? Maybe Orlando? And if the XFL wants, it could go completely bonkers and have teams like…the Atlanta 28ers.

Take Over Former and Future NFL Markets

The Raiders are (eventually) on the move, but can the The Las Vegas Flamingos beat the NFL there? Can the Oakland Seals replace the Raiders? San Diego just lost the Chargers, so there’s room for the San Diego … well, Chargers. The Browns are clumsy, maybe the Cleveland faithful would prefer throwing their weight behind the Cleveland Curse. The San Francisco 49ers moved to Santa Clara but are still the Niners. What would happen if the San Francisco Gold Rush set up shop in the actual city, assuming it has the $400 billion to pay for real estate in San Francisco?

Embrace New Technology For Commentary

More and more sports fans appear to watch their favorite teams with the volume turned down. Speculation of third party commentary teams has been floating around the sports world for a while now, but what if the XFL completely embraced the concept of a choose your own adventure style commentary team? Imagine being able to choose between feeds of former players, celebrities, comedians, or kids from viral videos? I’d love to see that kid from the “Apparently” YouTube hit call a game between the Louisville Bourbons and the Salt Lake City Peppers.

Let Players Do What They Want

What if the new XFL let the players peacefully protest whatever they wanted? Crazy, I know.

Be Backed By The Next President of the United States of America

You know it’s coming.