A Yankees Game Turned Into A Scavenger Hunt After A Fan Lost His Girlfriend’s Engagement Ring

Proposing at a sporting event is often a perilous activity. There have been several instances of disastrous proposals in this setting and, at the very best, it is a method that certainly isn’t for everyone. On Tuesday night, though, a man put together an epic plan for a proposal during the fifth inning of a game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. For the most part, things were going well.

Then, he lost the ring.

That is basically the worst case scenario, and when it happens in front of tens of thousands of people (and many, many more on television), everything is magnified. And to repeat, things seemed to be going really well for this dude prior to his blunder.

Fortunately, this intrepid young man managed to gather the ring and complete the proposal in short order. If you have watched the entire video, it becomes quite clear that he was successful in securing a “yes” and the woman in question did not seem to mind terribly that the entire thing was a debacle. In fact, it really adds to the legendary status of the event, with media coverage far and wide of this special (and personal) moment. Additionally, a special shout out goes to ESPN’s announcers, who made this moment really, really special.

It wouldn’t be recommended to go this route, but it worked out for this man and this woman. That’s really all that matters.