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After the Yankees swept the Red Sox in four straight games at home over the weekend, it seems reasonable that the Yankees are poised to be even more insufferable than the Red Sox were at the start of the season. Or could it be that those determining who the more insufferable of either team’s followers are the most insufferable of all?

Technically, the Yankees have suffered longer, while the Red Sox have the more rich tradition in suffering. But geographically, the Yankees are closer to Suffern, a town of about 11,000 people. It’s roughly 36 minutes from Yankee Stadium. Red Sox fans must endure a much longer trip to reach Suffern, almost 4 hours by car, which can be a suffering all its own, especially without a break.

Anyway, the Yankees have now won seven straight, which isn’t so impressive when you consider that even the Nationals have won eight straight. And that’s just what baseball needs right now, another bandwagon to jump onto. As that team becomes less insufferable, its fans become moreso, and I’ll leave it there. If you’ve made it this far, I think you’ve suffered enough.

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