Yasiel Puig’s ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Commercial Is Predictably Great

Yasiel Puig is the best. This is something we’ve discussed plenty of times, but it bears repeating. And ESPN’s series of This Is SportsCenter ads has been stellar for such a long time now, we’ve probably been preconditioned to see them, expect greatness, and go about our day. But to stay consistently creative, come up with new ideas that fit that nexus between office life and sports, and find ways to make athletes entertaining across multiple sports, now that’s not exactly an easy feat for an ad agency and their client.

ESPN’s latest effort features Puig and a simple construct: What if everyone had walk-up music in their daily lives? We briefly touched on this before the NFL Draft, when a bunch of us determined what our own walk-up music would be if we got drafted, but the kicker at the end of walking down the hall to Hanson is tremendous. Letting it play even longer as you see Puig shaking his head was a solid cap to the :30 spot.

Pretty much the only thing missing from the ad is Puig flipping a bat somewhere in there, but that always leaves room for a sequel based solely around bat flipping for even minor accomplishments like getting a double-sided copy made correctly the first time.