Yasiel Puig Made An Absurd Throw To Gun Down A Runner From 100 Yards Away

For as much attention is given to what Yasiel Puig can do at the plate, that guy also has an absolute cannon for an arm. He reminded us of that Friday night in Colorado.

In the fifth inning of the Rockies-Dodgers game, Trevor Story put a ball off the wall in right-center field. Puig attempted to make a leaping grab on the warning track but came up empty, leading Story to go ahead and round second base and try for a triple. That proved to be an unwise decision, as Puig quickly recovered, picked up the ball with his bare hand and launched and absolute missile that traveled about 100 yards in the air to gun down Story as he slid into third.

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts called it “one of the best plays I’ve ever seen.”

The video itself should be enough to make your jaw drop, but MLB’s StatCast provided an advanced breakdown that helps quantify just how insane the throw was. According to the calculations, Puig’s throw came from about 310 feet out and traveled 93.5 mph out of his hand on its way to the most impressive outfield assist we’ll probably see all year long.