Yasiel Puig Proves Yet Again That He Has A Bionic Arm With This Bare Handed Put Out

Yasiel Puig has proven his arm time and time again on (and off) the field, throwing out opponents at home, at first, going to third, and even in opposing stadiums from across town (allegedly). The legend of Puig is real and he’s proven it yet again with this speedy play in Pittsburgh, throwing out the Pirates’ Gregory Polanco with a bare handed laser to second base.

Now sure, some old codger is probably saying that Puig is showing up Polanco by taking advantage of his leisurely stroll into second, adding that the Dodgers fielder oughta learn a little respect for the game before he complete destroys it by making it somewhat interesting (allegedly). But I would rather think of Puig as the next version of Lee Majors in The Six Million Dollar Man, trolling around the woods with Bigfoot between games and essentially trying not to kill opposing players with his mighty robotic throwing arm.

Make that remake happen. Has to be better than Terry Francona in Boston’s remake of The Fall Guy, and with less underhanded accusations of drug abuse too.

(Via MLB / Deadspin)