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In a college football weekend that featured several games with wild endings, no game on Saturday — hell, no game this season — was as good as #1 Texas at #7 Texas Tech on Saturday night. The Red Raiders dominated the first half, but Colt McCoy led a second-half comeback that gave the Longhorns a 33-32 lead with just 90 seconds to play.  Then Graham Harrell worked Tech back down the field and — just one play after Texas dropped what would have been a game-sealing interception — found Michael Crabtree on the right sideline, who shook off his defender and scored the winning TD with a second remaining.  Fuh. King. Awe. Some.

Anyway, the point is, with Texas Tech undefeated and now ranked #2, we’re that much more likely to get televised performances of the fat guy jerking off into the bell.  Which is all I’ve ever really wanted from college football.

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