10.20.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

If you can pry your eyes away from the cheerleader in the picture above, you may notice that former Buccaneers running back Mike Alstott was “honored” at last night’s game with his name misspelled on the old creamsicle jersey.  But if you think the organization is stupid for getting it wrong, the joke’s on you, sucker, because they screwed up on purpose.

But the misspelling was not actually an error. In Alstott’s first season, 1996, his jersey had his name misspelled for each of his first two games before the error was finally corrected…

Many media outlets were making fun of what they thought was a huge blunder on Mike Alstott night. The Bucs, however, had the last laugh.

Ha ha!  Stupid like a fox! You think they were idiots, but in truth they were idiots TWELVE YEARS AGO.  They were merely referencing a historical screw-up that showed their initial malaise toward Alstott!  Thanks for the memories, Mark!


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