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The Indy 500 is this weekend, and for the first time in history the race will feature three women drivers.  Expect crashes!  Ha, just kidding, ladies.  Anyway, a tip of the With Leather cap goes to history-makers Milka Duno (left, and also: humminah), Sarah Fisher (second from left), and Danica Patrick (right). The other ladies in the picture there are former driver Lyn St. James (center) and Janet Reno tennis great Billie Jean King.

I'd like to take a moment here to browbeat the fuckfaces who keep saying that Danica Patrick needs to win a major race or she'll always be just another failure who got by on looks like Anna Kournikova.  First of all, Kournikova was a failure in an all-female sport, while Danica is a tiny little woman racing at an elite level against an almost all-male field.  Second, I'm tired of talking heads acting like it's a bad thing that women athletes have sex appeal.  Like it's Danica's or my fault that we're so good-looking.  But that's part of dealing with the media's bias.  Journalists are just angry because the pay sucks and they're ugly.

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