05.23.08 10 years ago 14 Comments

From Ball Don't Lie (via Real Clear Sports via YouTube via ESPN via Rip Hamilton's mouth) comes the clip of Hamilton ending a sideline interview last night with Michele Tafoya with a "yes" followed by the gender-based honorific of "sir". SHUCKABLE SHUCKS! It's funny because Tafoya is a woman says Captain Obvious of the Third Self-Evident Battalion in a message via carrier pigeon from the front.

Actually, it's just a popular affirmation in hip-hop culture. You might have heard Lupe Fiasco use it a couple squillion times. Or maybe you haven't because you haven't been ordained as a minister at KRS-ONE's Temple of Hip-Hop, located in his head. Only until then shall you be tricked into thinking Michele Tafoya is a man. 

Oh wait. It's Tafoya. Nevermind. 

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