Yesterday Just Wasn’t The Best Day For Cleveland Sports Fans

09.19.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

Royals bros are happy

The American League Wild Card race is even tighter today after the Tampa Bay Rays knocked off the Texas Rangers in 12 innings last night, while the Baltimore Orioles moved within a game with a win over the Boston Red Sox, and the Kansas City Royals kept the Cleveland Indians a half game back of the WC with an exciting 7-2 win. Of course, that win also moved the Royals to 2.5 games back of the Rangers and Rays, as are the New York Yankees with their win over Toronto last night. Confusing? Yeah, the whole thing’s a big, stupid mess.

But the Royals are playing some inspired baseball right now, as Alcides Escobar provided us with a hell of a baserunning highlight last night in the bottom of the 5th inning, as he stole home while the Indians had Alex Gordon in a rundown.

Cool play, right? Well, I have to admit that I’m posting this clip for a second, more important reason. Fast forward to about the :38 mark and let it play a few seconds… what the hell did that guy in the yellow shirt just do? Did he rub his friend’s arm and lick his hand? This has been baffling me for at least an hour this morning. What can I say, I’m productive.

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