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As soccer's European Championship approaches, host country Austria is suddenly worried about its image in the international spotlight.  Why's that?  Well, something about a man locking his daughter in a dungeon for 24 years and repeatedly raping her, producing seven children along the way, maaaaaay have something to do with it.  Hold onto your breakfasts, kiddies:

The Austrian father who imprisoned and repeatedly raped his daughter over a 24-year period planned the improvised dungeon six years before taking her hostage, police said Monday. Josef Fritzl, 73, imprisoned Elisabeth in the cellar in 1984, when she was aged 18, but police revealed that he had started planning the dungeon as early as 1978…

Fritzl had imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth, and then three of the seven children he fathered with her, behind eight locked doors. The final three doors were opened electronically by secret code, police told reporters Monday. Two of the doors were of reinforced steel, whilst an earlier entrance to the original cellar, not thought to have been used after Fritzl expanded the living space, was reinforced with concrete and weighed half a tonne, police said…

His complex familial set-up saw him father seven children with his wife Rosemarie, 69, whilst fathering seven more — one of whom died shortly after birth — with daughter Elisabeth, locked in the underground cellar. Three of those children were then fostered by the upstairs family. Fritzl told police Elisabeth had joined a religious cult and had deposited the babies with their "grandparents" for bringing up. The other three grew up entirely in the enclosed, windowless cellar.

Wow.  After reading that, I could set an orphanage on fire and still feel like I'm a better person than this guy.  Say what you will about Hitler and Stalin, but they never spent two decades raping their daughter.

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