Here’s A Reminder That Bad Man Supreme Yoel Romero Fights For The Interim Middleweight Title At UFC 213

Yoel Romero’s abs are used as a template for artists when they run out of ideas for superheroes. He has dynamite lodged in both his fists, C4 in his knees and M-80s that are illegal in the tri-state area placed firmly between his toes. He is unexplainable. Possibly not mortal. His flexibility shows that he’s not just a muscle-bound power puncher — he moves like an angel with a grudge. The Cuban Missile Crisis was used as a placeholder for an international military standoff before he was born and this weekend, Yoel Romero takes on the second-hardest hitting Kiwi known to mankind when he fights Robert Whittaker for the interim UFC middleweight title.

In his UFC 213 open workout, you’ll see Yoel Romero move like no 40-year-old man in history. It makes no sense (beyond possible PEDs for which he’s tested positive once before), but dude is constantly peeing in a cup and getting blood drawn these days, so what can you say beyond: “Wow.”

Say what you will about Michael Bisping’s shocking upset of Luke Rockhold — Robert Whittaker vs. Yoel Romero is for the real UFC middleweight title. They can say “interim” all they want, but Bisping is currently waiting for a fight against a welterweight while these two behemoths collide at UFC 213.

Let’s look at some clips of the scariest Romero since George A.: