The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Yoenis Cespedes’ Wild New Three-Wheeled Vehicle

Getty Image

Baseball fans, can you feel it? The start of spring training has arrived, and the combined rush of nostalgia and excitement for the future is intoxicating. You know what else is intoxicating, though? Pure, unadulterated speed. Combine those two, and you have the heady blend that is Yoenis Cespedes arriving for the start of New York Mets spring training.

Yes, 52 is Cespedes’ jersey number, but he didn’t quite get the Mets’ blue-and-orange color scheme right — unless it’s a deep reference to the color of the old Shea Stadium’s upper deck seats? Maybe Yoenis is just thinking on another level from you or I.

The vehicle is a Polaris Slingshot three-wheeled motorcycle customized by Miami-based Avorza. It’s not the first time Cespedes has pimped out a Slingshot, as TMZ reported he had made (and was trying to sell) a blue Avorza-customized model back in September of last year, which ran him about $75,000.

But this one is even fiercer, and he actually drove it to spring training. It caused quite a reaction.

And lest you think Cespedes is some kind of snob, he did give some others a chance to give it a spin in the parking lot:

Whoever’s behind the wheel of that thing is driving it like he or she is petrified to crash it, which is absolutely the right attitude to have about a coworker’s very expensive toy, which could murder you if you handle it incorrectly.

Sweet ride, Yoenis. Now, for the sake of all Mets fans, leave it in the garage until the end of the season.