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Posh is visiting David Beckham in Italy, and she recently went out sporting this modest purse that her husband gave her for Christmas.  This modest, diamond-studded, $120,000 purse.

The silver Himalayan was Victoria’s Christmas present from husband David and cost the footballer nearly a week’s worth of his wages at AC Milan.

Oh, almost a whole week?  They’re gonna feel that when it comes time to pay rent next month.

Victoria showed off her new piece of kit, one of only three in the world, as Beckham made his debut for the club in Dubai.  The 34-year-old former Spice Girl is said to be ‘delighted’ with the bag, which features a three-carat diamond on the lock…

The waiting list for a Himalayan like Victoria’s has closed, with those already on it having to wait four years.

Christmas morning at the Beckhams’ must be amazing.  All the gifts wrapped in 20-pound notes.  Omelets made from Fabergé eggs (crunchy!).  Thai children dressed in white tiger pelts fighting each other with swords made from elephant tusks.  Sure, the presents are nice, but what really makes them a family is love.


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