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I've been to Indiana several times.  It's a combination of Ohio minus the personality, Kentucky minus the flavor, and Illinois minus Chicago.  Calling Indiana a shitty state isn't an opinion; it's an indisputable fact.

And if you disagree, just check out the video above.  In a story straight out of 1952, soccer player Brandan Geise was kicked off the team for having a haircut that wasn't exactly like everyone else's.  The school even re-took the soccer team's yearbook photo to exclude him (They later voted to keep the coloreds from using their water fountains).  All because he has a faux-hawk.  Don't get me wrong: people with faux-hawks deserve all the bad things to happen to them — but that doesn't mean fascism is suddenly okay. 

Well, unless I'm in charge of the fascist state.  Because I would get shit doneStep 1: "Spare my life!" is the new "Spare some change?"

[The Offside

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