You Couldn’t Pay Us Enough: Swiss Adventurers Perfect Extreme Hot-Tubbing

On October 1, a group of 25 adventure-loving maniacs from Switzerland set out to accomplish their most death-defying feat to date. They wanted to descend upon the Gueuroz Bridge, a 613-foot-high construction that was once the highest in all of Europe, and create a spinning jacuzzi to hang from it. That’s it, that’s their dream adventure. The Swiss are weird, man.
So what the hell goes into dangling a hot tub built for two dozen people 450-feet over a river?

Several teams had different task. Some were pre-heating the water on top of the bridge using the 3 gas burners we had used for the jaccuzzi on top of Mont Banc); others lowered all the parts necessary to built the platform 130 feet below the bridge; others still were hanging low down and assembling the platform and setting up the hot tub with its gas burner to keep the water at 100°F; while others prepared the rappelling lines for all participants; in short, everybody helped so that 4.5 hours later the first person could jump in the water with a breath taking view. Six hours later the last person came out of the water and at 6:00 pm everything was back on the trailers to get back to Lausanne where we enjoyed a fantastic raclette at Jan’s place.
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Raclette at Jan’s place and I didn’t even get a call? I thought we were cool, Swiss adventurers.
This group has actually been organizing extreme hot tub adventures for the better part of a decade, with their ultimate feat having taken place on the summit of Mont Blanc. In related news, I once jumped off my friend’s roof into his swimming pool and it was totally righteous, dude.
Check out the glorious details of this latest adventure in pictures after the jump. WARNING: Not conducive for people with fears of extreme heights or effort.