You May Now Wager On Al Roker

11.04.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

An online sportsbook is taking wagers on the times of celebrities participating in the upcoming New York City Marathon. Perhaps chief among them is America’s Favorite Bojangling Weatherman (TM) Al Roker. The “Today” show co-host, who famously underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and yet is somehow still fat, announced last month that he would be participating in the race.

Roker, an unlikely long-distance runner, put the marathon on his “bucket list.” [race director Mary] Wittenberg declared the formerly hefty Roker has “become a real runner. He’s out there and it’s just fascinating. He’s going to have a long day. I think it’ll be about seven hours, but I think he’s definitely not going to walk this race. He might walk in parts, but he’s coming to run the marathon.” –Toronto Star

Roker is a 3-1 ‘dog (+300) to finish the race under 4 hours, according to Other celebrities up for consideration include Subway sandwich maven Jared Fogle (even), former New York Giants receiver Armani Toomer (-500) and Iron Chef Bobby Flay (-250). If there’s anything I hate more than the “Today” show, it’s running, so I’m totally amped up to not follow any of this. Unless of course Roker comes up short on that bucket list and dies during the race. You know, because that would be really sad.

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