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One of the weirder things about the NHL is the William Jennings Trophy. At the end of each season, the trophy is awarded “the goalkeeper(s) having played a minimum of 25 games for the team with the fewest goals scored against it. Winners are selected based on regular-season play.” This used to be the criterion for awarding the Vezina Trophy, but that was back in 1927 when most teams only had one…I’m getting off track.

Anyway, the Boston Bruins had the lowest team GAA last season, which led to this humorous exchange between the team’s goalies, Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez, at the NHL Awards show last night. I’m sure that’s a Canadian thing for hockey players to be thanking each other’s wives like that. But usually they take care of that sort of thing backstage, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. And you thought the Stanley Cup was passed around a lot…

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