You Will Meat A Tall Dark Stranger

12.29.10 8 years ago

The first thing I think of when I hear “Samsung” is Se Ri Pak’s disproportionate body. Maybe that will change after I read this.

Can you name the Top 10 highest-grossing movies of 2010?

These are 20 mixtapes that should have been sold on the  retail market. Fresh…respected.
THE Smoking Section.

Enjoy a gallery of 164 of the Best Advice animals.
Fork Party.

“One-Man Band Does Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack.”
Gamma Squad.

Screw your birthday. Let’s blow up some cakes.
Warming Glow.

A handful of quality moments from the Friars’ Club roasts.
Ego TV.

Here’s Michael Jordan “Invincible” trailer. They’re obviously being figurative.
The Hoop Doctors.

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. Make sure you’re prepared.
THE Smoking Jacket.

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