Youppi!, The Montreal Canadiens Mascot, Upheld The Team’s Bet With Jimmy Fallon

Last Thursday, the New York Rangers wrapped up their Eastern Conference Finals matchup with the Montreal Canadiens with a 1-0 Game 6 win to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. But before Henrik Lundqvist and Co. begin to focus on their series with the Los Angeles Kings, there was much more serious business to be taken care of in the realm of celebrities who make interesting, non-financial wagers on sporting events. After all, Tonight Show host and New York super sports fan Jimmy Fallon bet the Montreal Canadiens franchise that if the Habs advance to the Stanley Cup Finals, he would wear a Montreal jersey for one of his opening monologues. However, if the Rangers won, well, the stakes were far more depressing.

Because the Canadiens lost the series, the team’s adorable mascot Youppi! had to make the rounds to all of the most recognizable spots in the city, all while wearing a Rangers jersey with Fallon’s name on it. Additionally, Fallon got to pick the Habs’ Twitter avatar (it has since gone back to a Montreal logo), but these photos of Youppi! are probably just going to make you feel bad for the poor fluffy mascot. Unless you’re a Rangers fan, obviously, in which case you’ll probably heckle and throw beer at your monitor.

Youppi!’s sad misadventure began at the Bell Centre, where Habs fans obviously wished the fun could have continued. Oh well, maybe next season.

Next, Youppi! stopped by Olympic Stadium, AKA The Big O, to take a breather and probably wonder why Jay Leno had to leave his show.

Aw look, some equally sad Montreal fans met up with Youppi! at Mount Royal. The good thing that they can take away from this is their team didn’t win, so they didn’t have to worry about rioting and destroying anything.

SACREBLEU! How could a carousel at La Ronde, un parc Six Flags, look so unhappy?

Is Old Montreal the oldest area of the city? Or is it the saddest?

Sure, a Gibeau Orange Julep might be a delicious drink that quenches your thirst on a warm Montreal day, but on this day, it was just a large cup to collect Youppi!’s orange tears.

Alas, there was also no joy in the majestic Sainte-Catherine area of the city either.

Schwartz’s is an institution in Montreal, boasting the best smoked meat that you’ll ever have in your life. You know, if depression hasn’t stripped you of your taste buds like Youppi!.

Nice try, Youppi!, but you should have prayed at Oratoire St-Joseph earlier.

Finally, Youppi! hit up Chez Serge to take a spin on the world famous mechanical bull, and even the poor bull was in no mood to inspire fun and excitement.