‘Your Dad’s Dead…Roll Tide”

12.17.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

ESPN launched another one of those “It’s Not Crazy…It’s Sports” ads, and this one has to do with everyone in Alabama saying “Roll Tide” to one another. I mean, at least the people that don’t say “War Eagle,” but I digress.

So I guess “Roll Tide” can mean any of these things:

  • Hello.
  • You have a deal.
  • I love you.
  • Drive a little slower next time.
  • Up yours, pig!
  • I’m so beautiful.
  • Did you piss in the hottub?
  • I would totally have sex with your new wife if I wasn’t so fat and ugly.
  • Are your children safe from online predators? Find out tonight at eleven.
  • I forgot to bring a condom.
  • That’s okay. I’ll just give you a handy in the cafeteria tomorrow.
  • Let’s read the will and find out who’s rich!

Wow. That’s really universal. It’s like when a caveman grunts; you have to listen to how he grunts to understand what he means. I’ve actually been to Alabama a handful of times and I’ve never heard anyone say that to me. Just “You’re gonna pay for that” and “I bet you can’t french kiss better than my daddy.” They were right on both counts.

Via Steady Burn.

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