Your Gruesome Bosnian Soccer Ankle Breaking Of The Day

Here’s 19-year-old FK Željezničar Sarajevo midfielder Nermin Zolotić, a man with pro-level soccer skills, a team name that is extremely difficult to type and only one functioning leg. What happened to the other one, you may ask?

Bosnian international player Nermin Zolotic suffered a horrible leg injury during his side’s Zeljeznicar clash against Zrinjski on 4/10/2013. Please pray for this boy, this looks really bad

If you watch the clip, you can see his opponent step down directly onto the ankle, snapping it and leaving poor Zolotic lying on the field to roll around in shock. You can’t even freak out when something like this happens, you just have to sit there with your arms out until somebody wanders over and carts you away. The pain and agony comes later. I don’t think the human brain can process anything deeper than, “welp, my leg is jelly.”

I would offer to pray, but I’m not sure I can properly pronounce Nermin’s name, and I don’t want some other guy in Bosnia to have a super-powered left ankle because I willed it.

[h/t to Dirty Tackle]