Your Meat Can Be Used As A Flotation Device

06.16.10 9 years ago 3 Comments

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  • …and this guy calls himself a matador.


  • Perhaps the greatest photo retrospective on Albert Haynesworth’s first season with the Redskins that you’ll ever see.

    Deuce of Davenport.

  • Something about dogs on Saturn. Hard to say that “the space race has new legs” when NASA’s getting their budget slashed like a coed in a Wes Craven film.


  • Zack Galifianakis was on “Tim And Eric.” A lot.

    Adult Swim.

  • Enjoy a recap of tweets from any match played to date in the World Cup.

    Guardian [UK]; Cheers, Michael.

  • Whether or not you’ve been enjoying the World Cup, you should be betting the under. Every. Single. Match.

    SB Nation.

  • Reason No. 397 why you should always lock down your computer in front of your girlfriend before going out for cigarettes. It’s not news…

    FARK .

  • Who are the other great NBA free agents hoping to score big contracts this offseason?

    Bleacher Report.

  • Here’s a fresh, sophisticated take on “Bros icing bros.”


  • This is politics, but I had to post this link so everyone could find out what was in it.

    Beltway Confidential.

  • Somebody thought that putting Marisa Miller on TV while playing the drums in her underwear was a bad idea.


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