Your WSOP Main Event Preview, Featuring Very Little Actual Poker

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Many poker players will tell you that their game is not about luck, but rather is a game of skill laced with “variance.” But in a tournament of over 6,000 people, it’s hard to argue that luck isn’t part of the equation. Last year’s winner (Joe Cada, above) was just barely old enough to play in the event at age 21. He took home the $8.5 million first prize last year. Guessing who will win it this year is tougher than finding a dry blonde at an orgy.

The Main Event is technically known as “Event #57: The $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship,” but is regarded as poker’s world championship. The event is long and arduous, just like my penis. The all-Texas Hold’em tournament stretches through the better part of July, until the field is whittled down to a nine-player final table. Established poker pros, online poker junkies and amateur players alike will flock to the Rio Las Vegas like zombies to that guy that decided to “make a run for it” in search of brains the WSOP’s ultimate prize.

Today’s Action. Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event is actually four days long. To accommodate the large field, the tournament field is broken up into Days 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D. Players had their chance to register for the day of their choice, space permitting, but other players will take a chance on a “day of” signup beforehand. More than 500 people were turned away in 2009; apparently $10,000 isn’t enough to guarantee you a spot in the field. All action starts at noon, Pacific Time.

Poker Quote Of The Day.

“Every ten minutes, I see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

–Poker dealer at the Hard Rock hotel, after watching a handful of ladies walking to Rehab, the hotel’s daily spring-break-style pool party. Yes, there was a big pool party and I was inside playing 1-2 No Limit. Don’t judge me.

Celebrity Sightings To Date.

Dennis Haskins. I ran into TV’s “Mr. Belding” at the Golden Nugget party on Friday. I thanked him for this picture that he took with me in February before we raided the buffet and watched fireworks. It wasn’t quite as gay as it sounds.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The pro wrestling legend was in the Hard Rock, where I guess he got a watch. He looks just as badass in person as he did when he was in WWE.

Montel Williams. The former talk show host played a little 2-5 NL at the hotel last night.

Top Pair. Victory Poker rep and former Playmate Sara Jean Underwood (right). Daaamn…Click to embiggen.

Young Poker Pro That Makes More Money Than You Do. One of the rising stars of the poker world is David Chicotsky, and it’s easy to see why. With over $2 million in tournament winnings over the last three years and running his own poker school weren’t enough, he recently was featured in Time magazine in their Main Event preview. He has made the money in seven tournaments since 2008. With loose, aggressive play and David represents the new wave of player infiltrating Vegas. I had a chance to sit down with David at a charity event in April and pepper him with questions about his poker and his business.

Bad Beat Of The Day. It’s an oldie but a goodie. rivers a full house against Canadian pro Daniel Negreanu. Canada hasn’t recovered since.

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