This Youth Hockey Goalie Is The Dancing Machine The Internet Deserves

01.12.16 2 years ago

Hockey goalies are a weird breed. Most hockey players or diehards of the sport will tell you they know a goaltender who is one of the weirdest people they’ve ever met. It makes sense, too…I mean, you have to be just a little bit insane to throw on a mask, strap a couple of pillows on your legs and willingly stand down range while others fire rubber biscuits directly at you.

But, if weirdness and goaltending skills are in any way correlated, this little dude may be a future star. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t between the pipes during the game, he still managed to steal the spotlight by being the most entertaining and captivating person in the building. His on-the-bench dance moves between whistles are absolutely electric, not to mention pretty limber. If he moves like that on the bench, I can’t imagine anyone is sneaking pucks by him on the ice.

If nothing else, though, this kid is a walking morale boost for the rest of his teammates. Give him the ‘C’ already.

Dancing Goalie2

(Via Reddit)

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