Watch This Devastating Nutmeg Destroy The Spirit Of A Youth Soccer Player

01.25.16 4 years ago 4 Comments

“Sometimes a thing happens, it splits your life. There’s a before and after. I’ve got, like, five of them at this point, and this is your first. But if you use it right — the bad thing — you use it right and it makes you better.”

That was one of the more memorable lines delivered by Vince Vaughn’s character in the second season of True Detective, and it’s a quote that may come in handy for a youth soccer player that fell victim to one of the most ruthless nutmegs ever seen performed on a pitch.

This unfortunate child was attempting to defend against an opposing attacker when, out of nowhere, he was viciously throttled by a move that nobody could have seen coming. I’m not even convinced the nutmeg was done on purpose — it looked like an attempted rainbow flick that may have been redirected by the trail foot on accident — but there’s no questioning the impact that it had on this poor soul’s very existence. This is a moment that splits his life.

Upon realizing what just happened, you can basically see this kid’s will to live just immediately leave his body. In one of the more profound displays of sports dejection, the kid doesn’t even attempt to recover. Instead, he just crumples to the field and takes his head in his hands, presumably left contemplating what the point of it all is.

But, like Vaughn’s character Frank Semyon says, if he can use it right, even the most devastating event can be turned into a positive. We’re obviously talking about the bigger picture here, because there’s certainly no coming back from this in the short term. In fact, this kid should probably avoid showing his face at the field for a while — maybe, like, forever — just for his own good. If there’s anything that Superbad taught us, it’s that soccer doesn’t really matter but, still, people don’t forget.

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