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If not providing much in the way of actual sports news, this week has offered up a trove of kickball-related hilarity. First, there was the pirate-garbed fellow arrested at the Macy's in Manhattan. Further down the coast comes news of a 100-person brawl that interrupted a kickball game in Tampa. The cause: that secret YouTube video that causes girls to fight when they see it.

A city-sanctioned kickball game at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park on Wednesday night devolved into a brawl involving about 100 people, according to a preliminary police report.

However, none of the kickball players or organizers appears to have been involved in the fight, said Tampa police Lt. Rocky Ratliff.

Ratliff said that from what he has learned, a group of girls about 16 to 22 years old were fighting about something on YouTube. He didn't know any more about the circumstances.

I can only hazard a guess, but I'm thinking the girls were jostling for chance to make sweet monkey love to Italian Spiderman.  I know I am. Perhaps they were watching some of the girl fights posted here and wanted to do one better. Could be that they were annoyed by that new Weezer music video that alludes to a couple of the YouTube clips that South Park has already spoofed.

Whatever the cause, police were able to quell the melee, at least until it spilled out into the street and involved weapons.

Within minutes, another fight broke out across the street involving the same people, who at this point had armed themselves with sticks. Again, a crowd gathered and the officers had to force their way through the crowd. No victims or suspects could be located, so no arrests were made, police said.

That's some top-notch crowd control, coppers. Rocky Ratliff is still a cool name, though.

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