Is Will Keith The Next Steven Seagal? Yes

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10.15.12 19 Comments

Will Keith is about to become the Internet’s next biggest sensation, after a video called “Bottle Beware” hit the tubes last week and is already up to 48,000 views on YouTube. The video was already posted over on FilmDrunk this morning, but I wanted to devote an entire post to Mr. Keith, because I think he’s absolutely fascinating. I don’t really know all that much about him, but based on his YouTube channel, he is a remarkable master of weaponry.
Perhaps the Steven Seagal comparison is misguided, as I mean to refer to Will Keith more as a sage than a martial artist, but from the few dozen videos that I have watched of the 116 that he has uploaded, he is well on his way to making the Star Wars kid look like a punk newb. So what’s this bro all about?

Swords, Archery, some gaming, various other stuff.

Plain and simple, no bullsh*tting, straight to business. You have to respect that. “Bottles Beware” was actually made by a YouTuber named “GooSmurf” and then uploaded by Keith to go along with his incredible array of sword- and knife-related videos. I’ll be honest – the kid’s raw. He needs to work on his charisma and a consistent costume wouldn’t hurt. I think with a little work and some creativity, Will Keith could join Sasha Mitchell, Jeff Speakman and Cynthia Rothrock in The Expendables 6.
After the jump, treat yo’self to “Bottles Beware” and a few of my other favorite Will Keith videos.

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