Vanderbilt’s Zach Cunningham Blocked A Field Goal After Leaping Over Auburn’s Line

Associate Editor

Zach Cunningham is on a very short list of the best linebackers in college football. He is the heart and soul of Vanderbilt’s football team, his nose for the ball is incredible, and when the Commodore defense needs a big play, Cunningham usually manages to get the job done.

He did this on Saturday during the team’s loss to Auburn. Vandy was down by seven with 1:46 left and needed the Tigers to miss a field goal attempt. Instead of chancing it, Cunningham took matters into his own hands and jumped over the Auburn line. By the time the kicker got his foot on the ball, Cunningham was right there to swat the ball down like he’s DeAndre Jordan.

Vanderbilt couldn’t score and ended up losing by seven, but this play is worth watching a few dozen times. Plenty of people have jumped over lines in the past, but Cunningham timed this perfectly and landed on his feet to blow up the play.

(Via VICE Sports)

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