05.14.08 10 years ago 9 Comments

"Yesterday" by The Beatles is often said to be the most-covered song of all-time, so there isn't much more you can do to destroy its integrity. A woman named Julia Tucker, who's apparently styling herself as the female Ryan Parker in the way I style myself as the non-robot Bender, has this Yesterday-ripping paean to the greatness of Pirates' outfielder Jason Bay. As the video shows, there's so much to appreciate, from Bay's beady eyes, his relaxed but firm posture and even the bottom half of his shirt. 

It may be lacking in complete nudity, but this one is actually more disturbing than the Hedo Turkoglu videos. The nudity is grainy and forgettable but the shrill warblings of this chick have raped my ear drums irreparably. Thanks much, Walkoff Walk.

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