10.07.07 10 years ago 3 Comments

Well the new AP Top 25 rankings are out, and there are 4 new teams in the Top 10 with Oklahoma climbing to #6, South Carolina to #7, West Virginia to #8, and Oregon to #9.  The second tier of of ranks include the likes of Missouri (#11), Kentucky (#17), Illinois (#18), and Kansas (#20).  Hmm, aren't these basketball schools?  What's next – will DePaul bring back their football program and dominate NCAA football?  Will I use my remaining 4 years of eligibility to lead the Blue Demons to the National Championship game with my patented guile and 'F' formation?  Time will tell.

One other question about this so-called Top 25 – where the fuck is Notre Dame?  They beat the mighty UCLA Bruins yesterday, so shouldn't they be like #7 now?  I would advise all interested spectators not to use these ranks to place friendly wagers.  Trust your asst. editor – fool me once, shame on you, fool me six times, and my legs are broken. -KD

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