Adidas Is Removing Its Black History Month Shoe From Shelves After Getting Dragged On Social Media

02.15.19 6 months ago


In yet another facepalm by a big brand during Black History Month, Adidas is having to pull their Black History Month shoe from shelves because, well, everything that could go wrong with a Black History Month tribute is wrong with this shoe. First and foremost, the shoe is the colorway “clean ultra white”…and made of all cotton. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The shoe is also a part of the “Uncaged” line. And while the line already existed before the Black History Month release, did they really think this was the appropriate line to pay tribute to a race of people that were treated like animals and literally thought to be less than human?

Yes, we know what you’re saying: Those are all unfortunate coincidences! Lay off! Which… fine, take the multi-national corporation’s side. We understand. But after the shoe got the dragging of its life on Twitter, do you really think Adidas wanted to keep messing with it? Better to scrap the thing after seeing a few of these scorched earth tweets.

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