Live Your Most Whimsical Life With Zissou’s Sneakers From ‘The Life Aquatic’

Diehard fans of Wes Anderson’s 2004 film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou have finally had their greatest wish come true. Adidas quietly released 1oo pairs of Steve Zissou’s iconic sneaker at the We Love Green Festival in Paris this weekend. The festival featured Seu Jorge, whose Portuguese covers of David Bowie songs were a prominent part of The Life Aquatic soundtrack. The release was surprisingly low key for an item that fans have been petitioning for and begging to buy for over a decade.

The retro adidas Rom Zissous look to be an almost exact copy of the shoe from the cult film. They have a white leather upper with light and royal blue strips, yellow laces, a grey suede toe cap, gum rubber outsole, and the signature gold foil “Zissou” branding. Even if the (perhaps overly) quirky film is not your style, you have to admit that these are awesome looking kicks. And with only 100 official pairs in existence, they’re sure to be a hot collector’s item for film buffs and sneaker collectors alike.

No word yet on a wider release, but just in case, you may want to stock up on some red beanies and blue track suits. With these Adidas, you’ll be so close to looking like one of Anderson’s many zany and stylishly antiquated characters that we’d gladly pay 15 dollars just to look at you.