Bill Murray Wants Your Help Picking Out His Next Pair Of Bell-Bottoms

William Murray Golf/Betabrand

Aside from his acting, and his infamously eccentric behavior, Bill Murray has always been something of a figurehead in the world of sports. A passionate fan of the Chicago Cubs, he’s also been a staple in the world of golf for years. Not only is he a regular on the tournament circuit, he and his three brothers are all members of the National Caddy Hall of Fame, and he even launched his own line of golf apparel, back in 2016.

Now, William Murray Golf, which designs course-ready attire in the spirit of the actor’s irreverent behavior and encourages golfers to “unleash their inner Murray,” has partnered with the San Francisco-based clothing company BetaBrand to take things to the next level. Together, they’re helping fans decide what kind of bell-bottoms Murray should wear while competing at the AT&T National Pebble Beach Pro-Am next month.

Known for its crowd-funding style platform that lets customers vote on designs before they’re put into production, Betabrand has five proposed choices for their upcoming line of “Bill-Bottoms.” These options range from the subdued to the artsy to the pleasantly over-the-top — all of which reflect the actor’s varied range and personality in their own way.

William Murray Golf/Betabrand

Each pattern also includes a subtle nod to the actor, including The Big Earner (based on his character Big Ern from Kingpin), and Lucy The Caboosie (named after Murray’s mother and adorned with images of her favorite flower, the lush peony).

You can vote for your favorite(s) here, and the winner will be donned by Murray himself when the Pebble Peach Pro-Am kicks off on February 5th. There’s even an added bonus: Anyone who votes will be eligible for a 30% discount on any style that goes into production for their very own wardrobe. As if helping to influence the wardrobe of one of the most beloved actors of our time wasn’t incentive enough.