The Story Behind D’Angelo Russell’s ESPYS Red Carpet Look

07.14.17 9 months ago


It’s always fun to check out the style at the ESPY Awards. Where else can you get such a large collection of the world’s greatest athletes strutting out some of the most unique looks on earth? It’s fun to check out all of the players’ style. But this year, there was one man who stood out. 21-year-old Brooklyn Nets guard D’Angelo Russell arrived in a bespoke ensemble refined entirely out of repurposed, reclaimed fabrics. And he couldn’t have looked cooler.

The design came from Waraire Boswell, one of the brightest stars on the bespoke fashion scene. He’s known for his raw edge, refined complexity, and fearlessness. Boswell has never tried to fit the parameters of ‘normal’ as a fashion designer. Instead he’s always found true style and modern elegance directed by his own internal compass. It doesn’t let him down. His designs are innovative while still feeling classic; subverting industry norms as they wow.

For this red carpet look, Boswell was challenged to create a suit with 1800 Tequila, using only raw, repurposed materials that would speak to the phrase “Just refined enough.” It’s a challenge that was right up his alley. With hard work, passion, and craft, he’s a master at transforming rough, raw materials into an effortlessly stylish final product. Boswell jumped into the project full force by searching for new ways of using old fabrics. He wanted to create a one-of-a-kind suit that would be a work of art as well as being functional and stylish. He sourced surplus and vintage materials, spent hours drawing and redrawing sketches, handworked pieces, and then molded them into a luxury three-piece ensemble that was a perfect fit for one of the most fashionable men on the court. And he did it all in two and a half weeks.

“Shout out to my guy, Boswell,” Russell told us from the red carpet at the ESPYs. “He did his thing with this. It’s different. I just wanted to be different this year.”

The ensemble was not just different. It was spectacular. And we got the exclusive on the exact steps that went into creating the awesome pieces:


Waraire Boswell transforms old army fatigue material into modern, stylish new trousers.

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