Drake’s New Shirt Features A Hater Retracting Their Words About Him

02.07.18 1 year ago

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However you feel about Drake, you have to admit he’s pretty good about acknowledging that he has haters, and moving forward in whatever way he sees fit. Whether the rapper chooses to directly address the hate in a scathing, Grammy-nominated diss track, addresses it indirectly in a quick quip in a song or interview, or he ignores it altogether, the hate never gets too out of hand and he takes it in stride.

It’s hard to effectively hate on someone like that, especially because Drake seems to be a pretty nice guy and is hugely successful, and you’re lying if you say you haven’t sung along or at least tapped a toe to one of his super catchy hooks or verses.

One Twitter user, @kidlifted, had to do like many Drizzy detractors and retract his tweet hating on the rapper, and Drake took notice, printing the retraction on a shirt and wearing it. Then, Champagne Papi posted a photo of himself wearing the shirt with a crying laughing emoji caption, because well, it’s hilarious.

“Kid Lifted’s” account on Twitter says that he has not tweeted yet, but it’s not clear if he deleted all of his tweets in response to the shame of having his needless hatred displayed for all the Internet to see, or if he had already wiped his account. All we know is, he got off a heck of a lot better than Meek Mill, and for that, he should be grateful.

(Free Meek Mill.)

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