Be A Man Out Of Time With These Movie And TV Inspired Style Pieces

07.24.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

When navigating the world of men’s fashion, you’re sure to come across certain iconic looks. These style statements — often driven by pop culture — stand out as pure representations of their respective eras. While many of these looks seem like they’re set in a specific place in time and hold little utility for your life, there are ways you can adapt these eye-catching fashion statements for your day-to-day wardrobe.

We tried a few below:

Felt Fedora – Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones

Beyond its place as a fashion staple in the ’40s, the felt fedora is inextricably linked to one of cinema’s most beloved adventurers, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford). But can a simple piece of shaped fabric help you live up to Indy’s look? Depends on swagger. If you simply want to pay tribute to the famed fictional archeologist with a nod to his rugged masculinity, go with a brown felt fedora and pair it with t-shirt and jeans. This works as formalwear too, matched with a three piece suit.

Yes, yes, we know that fedoras in general are a tough sell, but the felt fedora is a different beast. Alas, as with any fedora, the crux of the matter is always the same: “Can you pull it off confidently?”

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