Kim Kardashian Debuted Pieces From Yeezy Season 7 With An Anime-Inspired Stroll In Tokyo

By now we all are too familiar with the way Kim Kardashian West models for husband Kanye West’s Yeezy clothing line. It’s almost never outright promo, and it’s typical that when the newest season of the line comes out, we’ve seen all the pieces on Kim’s social media a year or so before and just didn’t know it. So now, after a photo shoot that looks like it could have been totally candid, or even paparazzi photos, as she walks the street of Tokyo donning a bone straight, candy cotton pink wig, social media is the first to see her nonchalantly previewing pieces from Yeezy Season 7.

Kim’s daytime attire consisted of the typical monochrome jackets, coats, and dresses, but the nighttime attire is the real eye-catcher, featuring metallic biker shorts and a space-age, Missy Elliott reminiscent puff jacket. Kim is seen walking around the streets of Tokyo doing “normal” things and taking the signature “off-guard” photos we saw before the official advertisements for Season 6.

Kim definitely looked like an anime character with her pink wig and futuristic clothing, and apparently, that’s exactly where she got her inspiration, as confirmed after a follower commented on the similarity.

We’re still on a high after the Kim K clone advertisement from Season 6, so these previews are unexpected but appreciated. Shoutout to you, Kimsa.

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