Lil Yachty And His Collaborators Discuss How He Straddles The Line Between Fashion And Hip-Hop

Hope Calnan

Lil Yachty’s musical come-up has always been entrenched in conversation with the rapper’s style. His vibrant red braids became just as celebrated and his bars, and early last week the rapper teamed up with fitness lifestyle brand Reebok to talk fashion in New York City.

This isn’t Yachty’s first foray into the fashion world, either, his work with Nautica as a brand ambassador spawned a million “Lil Boat” memes, and is just another example of the way hip-hop and high fashion are more connected than ever.

In support of the Reebok’s “Always Classic” campaign, Yachty — along with stylist Rox Brown and members of his “Sailing Team,” JBans2Turnt and Kodie Shane — linked up for a live show and talk on the future of fashion, sartorial inspirations, and more.

Hope Calnan

“It’s really a collaborative effort. We work together,” said Brown of her work with the rapper. “Sometimes he’s like ‘Alright, Rox, you’re taking it too far,’ and I’ve got to take it a little back. It’s a lot of compromises.”

Yachty spoke about finding inspiration in rap and hip-hop heroes like Kriss Kross, Andre 3000, and Kid Cudi and elaborated on the role fashion plays in his life.

“I never really try to push the boundaries,” he revealed. “It’s never really like ‘Oh man, hey! Let’s go do this because it’s weird.’ I’m not really that type of person. I just do what I think is right or what I think is cool. I never try to do something because it’s a trend. I kind of just wear what I like to wear. If I like a designer, then I like it. If I like a brand, then I like it. If it doesn’t have a brand and it’s just cool, I like that, too.”