This Photographer Roams The Streets In Search Of Authentic Style

06.15.17 8 months ago

Mark Alan Iantosca

“Style is something that has an authenticity,” Mark Alan Iantosca says.

He’s a street style and fashion photographer who’s most well known for his work around New York City but has also made a name for himself capturing the style at festival events like Coachella. His photos have drawn fashion lovers and photography junkies alike to follow his blog and Instagram posts.

“You can tell when a person doesn’t try too hard,” he continues, trying to put into words the hard-to-describe seductive quality of the subjects he chooses. “It’s not forced.”

Mark Alan Iantosca

Which isn’t to say Iantosca looks for the casual or boring. When he finds style, it’s often on someone who takes risks. He’s drawn to bright colors, fearless combinations, and quite often those willing to bear a little skin. He loves style that’s a little risky, but risk doesn’t mean wearing something just because it’s out there or different.

True style, for Iantosca, means you take risks because you love and believe in the pieces you adorn your body with. It’s knowing what works rather than searching for the ‘next thing.’ In his photography, Iantosca looks for people who are able to wear their clothing confidently, allowing it to be an extension of who they are, rather than those who are picking crazy pieces just to get noticed.

“People will go pretty far to get their picture taken during fashion week,” he explains, matter of factly. “I tend to ignore it.”